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Betsy shares EFT on New Day Cleveland - An Easy Way to Reduce Anxiety

It's funny how things shift in new directions when you get a little more creative, decide to be brave and use EFT/tapping for a little more clarity. About a month ago, I found myself feeling stuck, waiting for biopsy results and not sure what the next few months would bring. When the test results verified my health was fine, I vowed to make the best of this year by planning new ways to serve that would also allow me to travel, teach, have a fun and enjoy a flexible schedule. My intention is to continue as a leader, teacher and mentor in the field of mind-body health while also honoring that I want to work smarter, not harder now that I'm in my golden years.

It crossed my mind to reach out to propose a TV segment at our local station. I used to do quite a bit of this, but had avoided it as I found it to be very stressful. Hair, makeup and what do I wear? What if I freeze on camera and look like an idiot? Why would I put myself through this?

But...that voice in my heart whispered "Maybe now is a good time to try again!"

Tapping and journaling helped me reach clarity on my WHY. I am committed to helping a world that is painfully in need of cost effective and empowering mental health solutions. Our EFT profession also has a ton of research I couldn't fall back on when I did those earlier appearances. I began to realize that I am the right person to appear on camera because I know my stuff and it's a way I can help my students be more successful too. New client inquiries can go to them and everyone wins! My intention is and will continue to be educating professionals and any caring person who wants to practice the Gold Standard EFT for effective client and self care. I can also generously serve groups on zoom every week so that people can sample a wide variety of ways to use EFT.

I am proud to have introduced EFT to thousands of newbies since 2001 and regret that I could have done it more effectively. We can all do our part. Here are 10 for working with the media (or a new client) that might help you.

  1. Learn all you can about your topic. In my case it was EFT and the research that supports its numerous benefits. 

  2. Develop and practice one sentence to communicate about your topic that feels comfortable to you and your experience.

  3. Meet your audience where they are to address a problem they can relate to. Asking what has been challenging for the reporter/host during the past week can get you started. 

  4. Don't expect your audience to believe you. Honor that they won't be as enthusiastic as you are. I find humor and warning them about how silly tapping will look is actually a good icebreaker. 

  5. Offer an experience - constricted breathing, a physical discomfort or a recent stressful scene are good options for a quick EFT demonstration. 

  6. Avoid talking too much about energy. Instead put the emphasis on how EFT sends calming signals to the brain, significantly lowers stress hormone cortisol and restores blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex (decision-making and verbal areas of the brain).

  7. If they ask, share your EFT story and why it caught your attention.

  8. Gather ideas and inspiration through's newsletters, social media pages, annual research symposium, mentoring and connections with fellow practitioners.

  9. Be realistic about what you can deliver. You'll only have 3-5 minutes. Seasonal topics link allergies, back to school and stress relief for holiday travel can be popular options. 

  10. Contact the local health reporter for your favorite station or show producer with ideas for a brief segment. You should be able to find those names on the station website. You'll feel more confident if you are already a fan of the show or reporter.

I might just do this again soon and hope these ideas inspired you. Click on this link or the photo below to watch my Interview

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