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Professional EFT Practitioners at Punderson Manor

EFT Practitioner Certification & Training

Benefit by working with a highly skilled EFT Practitioner who is also a Master Trainer with an MBA and a wide range of professional connections and experiences.  Betsy first learned EFT in 2001 and is a recognized leader who offers a rare and valuable combination of 35+ years of diverse business management experience with solid expertise as a holistic practitioner, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Beyond teaching techniques, Betsy also offers her students guidance and proven systems to successfully start and grow a profitable EFT Practice to support your life goals. Betsy generously shares connections, clients, encouragement, and support as you put new learning into action.

EFT Practitioner Mentoring With Betsy

Are you a Certified EFT Practitioner in need of 6 hours of mentoring for your annual EFT International renewal?  


Would mentoring with an EFT expert who also knows book publishing, speaking, group events and leadership bring new insights and connections for your life and business?   


Every student who completes EFT Practitioner Certification with Betsy gets their first year of mentoring at no charge as her commitment to your success.    Both in-person and zoom formats are available for group and individual mentoring


Contact Betsy to inquire about upcoming mentoring opportunities!

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  • Why choose training through Betsy and EFT International?
    When you train with Betsy you receive personalized attention from a leader and mentor who has practiced and taught EFT extensively since 2001. Her students benefit by qualifying to pursue professional certification with EFT International, the largest professional organization committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards for education, training, professional development and promotion of the skillful, creative and ethical application of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).
  • What’s unique about Betsy’s EFT training and certification program?
    Betsy’s training programs create a safe and supportive class filled with personalized attention. Betsy’s groups are typically smaller than those offered by other trainers. Every student works directly with Betsy (not emotional assistants) and can be assured of a learning experience to support their needs. Betsy helps her students connect with clients through her weekly free tapping group and extensive community so that you quickly meet your certification case requirements. Whether you are an experienced mental health professional or someone new to EFT, you can trust the content to be paced for comfortable learning, positive connection with classmates and plenty of practical experiences. You will be included, valued and safe in every class and group.
  • Who is this kind of EFT training and certification designed for?
    This program is open to all who have a desire to learn and compassionately care for others. Typically, students have included licensed mental health professionals, coaches, clergy, teachers, nurses, LMTs, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners and medical professionals. Retirees from other fields are welcome and enjoy the benefits of EFT for post-retirement community service and healthy aging.
  • What is included in the 3-Day EFT Course?
    Your course includes a comprehensive manual, recordings of the live training (if desired), a private consult with Betsy following training to discuss personalizing certification support, and 6 weeks of post-training integration with classmates to integrate learning and begin tracking required cases for certification. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion (Level 1 & 2) which is a pre-requisite to pursue official EFT International Practitioner Certification.
  • How do I become a Certified EFT Practitioner?
    The certification process is detailed as part of the 3-Day Course and it is a serious commitment. If you plan to use EFT professionally with clients, it is very important and shows you have met a standard of competency and skill. Betsy’s program with EFT International requires candidates to become a Student Member of EFT International, pass the Online EFTi Practitioner Exam, provide documentation of 50 sessions with 20 different clients, complete 2 4-session written case report submissions, submit a client session video and complete a written personal case study reflecting the practitioner’s own discoveries using EFT. Betsy also requires her students to complete 4 EFT sessions with a practitioner of their choosing who is certified by EFT International. Meeting these requirements can take 4-12 months depending upon the pace and life situation of each candidate. While engaged in certification, you can expect regular meetings with Betsy to review questions, receive feedback and discuss best practices for specific challenges and situations. Candidates also receive private mentoring with Betsy as needed for case review and evaluation.
  • What are the typical costs to expect while becoming certified?
    Student membership to EFT International is in British Pounds, approximately $30 depending on exchanges rates. The application fee for certification is discounted to $100 when the candidate commits to entering the program within 1 week of the initial 3 Day training period (vs. regular fee of $300). Every program participant will receive a written certification program agreement outlining services, costs and payment terms. Certification fees depend upon choice of private or group program ranging $300-400 per month. Additional discount available for retirees. Candidates should expect cost of 4 EFT sessions ($300-500). With a certified practitioner at their expense.
  • Are there any training scholarships or discounts available?
    Yes, Betsy offers one $350 scholarship for every 3-Day EFT training. There’s also a significant discount for retirees who pursue certification. Contact Betsy to see if you qualify. Download the application here.
  • When's the next opportunity for training?
    All trainings are listed on our Events Page. Next scheduled training is Feb. 2-4 with scholarship deadline set for Jan 15, 2024
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