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The Comeback by Betsy Muller

NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM:  Betsy’s new book, The Comeback – An Energy Makeover Love Story 

Learn how miracles, prayers, love and a soul connection contributed to George’s complete recovery.

The worst day of your life might be just around the corner. Are you ready? Mine came on June 10, 2017. We were on vacation in Michigan when my husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest after a morning run. When he didn’t show up for breakfast at our inn, I called the police and soon two squad cars roared into the driveway revealing what I feared. He had died, a witness had performed CPR, an ambulance had come quickly and a pulse had been restored after 5 shocks from an AED.

Because he went without oxygen for an extended time, he suffered hypoxic brain injury. Nobody could tell me if or when he would recover. We spent weeks in the ICU and months in rehabilitation facilities before he was finally able to return home.

Memories play important roles in this story. Our memories and recollections of people, places and events that happened during a time of intense trauma and drama may not be fully accurate or complete. My husband, the central figure in this story, lost the ability to remember events during approximately five months due to brain injury after a prolonged lack of oxygen following sudden cardiac arrest.

Together we have done our best to share this story based upon the most memorable moments we have deemed significant. We offer suggestions from this experience to help our readers prepare for those inevitable worst days so that they not only survive, but thrive. Join us on this journey of love, faith and the power of connected healing.


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