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Live EFT Presentation for a Women's Event


Emotional Freedom Techniques Education for Work and Community:

  • Complimentary 1 hour Introductory presentation for staff meetings, schools or group health practices via zoom

  • Special rates for contracting Accredited EFT International approved Level 1 and 2 Workshops via Zoom or on-site for groups of  4+ practitioners.


Here’s How Betsy Can Help:

  • Create activities and exercises to relieve unique kinds of stress, enhance productivity, support wellness objectives and connect your group

  • Customize program to support desired outcome

  • Facilitate meetings to ensure everyone is respected and heard

  • Create more smiles, laughs and gratitude


Click here to schedule an event consultation with Betsy.



Intro to EFT

The Weirdest Way to Calm Down, Feel Great and Succeed

Have you ever felt frustrated and drained by a challenging situation? Would you like to see more breakthroughs and get them sooner? What if you ended your day feeling refreshed instead of burnt out? There is a way to change more lives in less time, while building trust and connection. In a world where millions are turning to costly drugs, office visits and time away from work to manage mood, sleep, pain and mental health, there is a natural, gentle and low-cost solution to consider. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an innovative body/mind method, supported by over 125 clinical studies, that reliably interrupts the stress response while creating pleasant physical and emotional sensations for both the practitioner and the client.  


Burnout or Vicarious Trauma? 

Solve a Big Problem With a Proven Solution

Healthcare professionals and emergency responders have hard, tedious, and often thankless jobs. You love helping others through life’s drama, yet you’ll also be exposed to stories or scenes that can be traumatic, emotionally charged or even horrific. Trained to help and able to help, yet sometimes you may find yourself unintentionally getting pulled into the mayhem. Official terms for this include Compassion Fatigue or Vicarious Trauma. The American Counseling Association states that Vicarious Trauma is not burnout, yet many of the unpleasant symptoms are the same: anger or irritation, changes in mood or appetite, losing sleep or worry that you did not do enough. There is an innovative and simple solution, supported by over 100 clinical studies, to keep helping professionals from becoming victims of vicarious trauma. This miraculous intervention is not a drug. It’s not a breathing technique. It’s not meditation. It’s Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping or EFT. It’s easy to do … it’s fast and amazingly effective … it works for all types of stress…and once you know it, you are empowered for life! Every professional responder can benefit from this natural, gentle solution to the problem of vicarious trauma. This presentation highlights the science, tips for best results and provides participants with hands-on experiences using the calming EFT process.





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