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Real People, Real Experiences.

I stumbled across Betsy when I was researching EFT trainers and am so glad I did. She is easy to work with and is willing to explain and demonstrate skills and concepts until you are able to understand and use the skills independently. She creates a warm, caring environment within which the group of individuals support each other, all coming together for a common goal. If you are looking for an EFT trainer, I recommend Betsy Muller!

~ Claudia Fortner, Columbia, SC (Certified 2023)


Betsy is a great trainer. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, yet she’s also very approachable. She made the training fun and interesting as well as a very safe space.

~Cherie Stolz Feb. 2023 3-Day Training


Betsy creates a warm and inviting space. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas and brings that into her teaching and mentoring. It was a joy to spend time mentoring with Betsy.

~ Corby Furrow, EFT Trainer and mentoring program participant 2022


I had the opportunity to participate in Betsy's Emotional Freedom Technique 3 Day Professional training, and it deeply impacted me personally and professionally. I highly recommend learning from Betsy Muller, as she is gifted with a genuine kindness and incredible skill in imparting knowledge to others. This is one of the first professional trainings where I felt better just by taking part.

~Asia Amos, PhD 3-Day Practitioner Training 2022


Betsy is a wonderful teacher! She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and enthusiastic! I highly recommend her to anyone interested in training! The practice of EFT has become the bulk of what I now do with patients.

~ Nancy, Certified 2023


Betsy is absolutely amazing at what she does to teach this course. She is able to make each technique easier to understand and also creates a comfortable and open atmosphere between her and the classmates.

~ Participant Feb. 2023 Training


Betsy is a highly trained EFT Practitioner and Trainer. I have had the pleasure of working with her on many levels and she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about EFT. I highly recommended her for one-on-one sessions or certification.

~ Liz Fisher, Certified EFT Practitioner Cleveland Heights, OH


Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping has been life changing for me, both personally and professionally. EFT has been the missing piece to my practice. My clients are being relieved of long-standing beliefs, hurts and able to regulate emotions in ways that were not possible before. In addition, this is happening quicker than before I learned EFT. EFT allowed me a tool to help clients get lasting relief from long standing problems. It also helped me recover from my own surgery more quickly. My clients generally respond so well to tapping and are able to work on deep rooted problems much sooner in the therapeutic process. Do it – You won’t regret it. This training and certification not only helped me, but left me feeling energized. Betsy is enthusiastic and positive. She gives good feedback in supportive ways. She is very experienced in EFT and teaches in a way that is not overwhelming.

~ Melissa Hoffman, MA, LPC, Accredited Certified Practitioner EFT International

Springfield, Virginia


Over the past few years I have received both EFT practitioner training and mentoring from Betsy. Every interaction with Betsy is warm, welcoming, and informative. She effortlessly establishes a safe space for sharing and connection. Most recently I participated in Betsy's Feb/Mar. 2023 online EFTi practitioner mentoring group, and am so glad that I did! Betsy provided structured discussion questions for each of our meetings. This was great because it gave the group something to fall back on if we didn't have specific questions or items we wanted to address from our individual practices. If you are in need of an EFT mentor or trainer, I can't recommend Betsy enough! She is caring, kind, and compassionate - and really does want to help you learn, grow, and succeed in your EFT practice. I am so grateful for her generosity and continued support.

~Sonia Pietruzska, Certified EFT Practitioner, Chicago IL


I took EFT practitioner training with Betsy and thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. She has a huge depth of knowledge and experience working with trauma, blockages, limiting beliefs and more. She is very intuitive and I love how she brings modern and ancient healing together. I am delighted that Cleveland has someone of this caliber within the global EFT community in our midst! I recommend Betsy for training and for personal development.

~Moira Michelle, Ohio


Personally, I have gained an incredible tool to help with day-to-day stress, limiting beliefs and a way to bring clarity and calm into my life. Going through the certification program is the only way I know to master this technique. Betsy is Incredibly knowledgeable. She provides resources, information and support to not only complete the certification process, and is happy to provide extra information and expertise.

~ Lori Vitello, MS Art Therapy, LCDC Valley City, OH



I decided to take the training and see how I could pair it with yoga and future work with schools, as well as for my own personal healing and mental health. I discovered a practice that I never dreamed would be so helpful to others. The program is thorough and has complete support, particularly in the client practice portion. Betsy provides contacts and encouragement, as well as quality feedback. Finally, Betsy supported me with many referrals of clients to work with as part of the 50 session requirement. I met wonderful people and found that I was able to help them heal as a “practicing” practitioner! Betsy is an amazing example with her full and flourishing community of women who seek her encouragement and creativity.

~ Gail Johnson, Retired Teacher/School Principal, Yoga Teacher, Arizona

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