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Ordained interfaith minisher, Betsy officiates weddings at your chosen location
Peroni and Serena are Certified Therapy Dogs

Weddings & Certified Therapy Dogs

Serving the needs of others in innovative ways is core to Betsy’s life mission.  



As an ordained Minister registered with the state of Ohio and serving clients of every faith, she is available to perform wedding ceremonies.  If you seek a minister for a customized and personal ceremony at a venue of your choice, schedule a free consultation to discuss dates, options and charges.  


Serena and Peroni, Certified Therapy Dogs

There’s something about a dog that can bring comfort and a smile when nothing else can.  Our dogs are certified through Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs


Serena is a sweet female border collie mix who loves to be petted.  She especially likes the elderly and people with dementia


Peroni is a handsome male Australian Shepherd mix who is especially good with children and women (although he also gets along with the elderly).


If you have a facility or community event where therapy dogs would bring joy, contact Betsy at 440-759-7491 to inquire about setting something up.  Our dogs work at no charge as a service to the community.


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