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Founder - Betsy Muller

Emotional Freedom Techniques Expert


Betsy Muller, MBA, ACAP-EFT, CEHP, Certified Virtual Educator is a holistic health leader, Master Trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and best-selling author who has helped thousands discover their full potential through life balance in action. She is a teacher and mentor who inspires clients to work competently and ethically with a buffet of healing modalities, plus she’s an expert in EFT as well as the many factors required to run a successful holistic business. As an intuitive healer and accredited Master Trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), she integrates decades of conventional healthcare and business leadership to provide practical, cost-effective options for vibrant living, emotional health, and proactive aging. She is also trainer and dog mom to Serena and Peroni, two lovable therapy dogs who visit memory care residents several times each week.

In June 2017, Betsy herself experienced serious emotional trauma firsthand when her husband George suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, emergency rescue and significant brain injury while they were vacationing in Michigan. Together they faced a grim diagnosis, weeks in the ICU and long months of separation while he lived at a neurological rehabilitation facility. Betsy’s love for her husband, the power of modern medicine, integrative healing methods, faith, friends, and the power of many prayers came together so that George experienced a complete recovery. A book sharing this healing journey, The Comeback – An Energy Makeover Love Story, was published in 2019.

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Enthusiastic and Joyful Presenter

"Betsy is an enthusiastic and joyful presenter. Authentic with her message and generous with sharing information." - Judy Galardo


Experience: Decades of corporate business experience, one of the first to use EFT and receive formal certification, serving hundreds of individuals and organizations as an entrepreneur since 2005. Life experience as mother of two, married to the same wonderful guy since 1984, professional speaker and best selling author of two books.


 Approachable & Balanced: Clients time and again mention warmth, safety, honesty and humor as traits that make working with Betsy so enjoyable. Betsy is reliable, relatable and ethical, protecting safety, confidentiality, and privacy for every client.   


Results: Testimonials  reflect clients consistently receive what they hoped for.


Connections: When you engage with Betsy, your circle grows.  Betsy is proud of long standing local and international friendships she nurtures in business, social and holistic health communities. She trained directly with Gary Craig, founder of EFT, as well as most of the noted leaders in this field.


Leadership: Beyond professional, Betsy has achieved the highest professional credential as an EFT Master Trainer, invests every year to continue her education, attends international conferences and has served on the boards of several organizations.  


Customized Solutions:  Every client and training group has unique needs.  Betsy’s insight, curiosity and expertise allow the best solutions to emerge.

EFT for Easing Anxiety - April 2024
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