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The Perfect Day – Past, Present and Future

I've been responding to Julia Cameron’s challenge in her classic, The Artists Way, to write about the perfect day for nearly two decades. I now have new appreciation for what stays the same, as well as the things I choose as my perfection as life continues.

My perfect day descriptions from the 2000's were humble and not very specific. As I got better at imagining and letting the creative flow take hold, some grandiose days took shape. Those perfect days in my past included beautiful views on the water, running on the beach, flowers, gardens, dinner parties with special friends, deep conversations and lots of laughter. Now that I’m in my mid-sixties, my perfect days include many of those same things, but with a gentler flow. There’s more sleep, less noise, moderate activity, simplicity and certainly healthier food and drink involved too. There’s also more gratitude, with a chance to teach and to learn from each perfect day.

I wondered, could it still be a perfect day if I was stuck indoors, in a chair at home by myself? At first my thought was HELL NO! Then I consider that kind of day with a wonderful new book, a great cup of coffee and a tasty snack. Add a sunny window or a fire in the fireplace and suddenly that day stuck in a chair becomes perfect enough.

Thank you Julia Cameron for the gift of this awareness and this wonderful ability to always see the possibilities for creating great experiences no matter what life serves up. You’ve opened my heart to all kinds of experiences and the notion that all days can be perfectly enough.

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