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Here After - A gripping memoir about grief

On this Good Friday, many from the Christian faith tradition will be honoring the grief and loss of the crucifixion.  It's no coincidence I finished a heartbreaking memoir about grief this week. I loved it and felt it is an important book for anyone who works with or loves someone who is grieving.   Amy Lin is a gifted writer and highly sensitive person who gives readers a very personal glimpse into how devastating a sudden loss can be. The raw and short chapters take us on her journey and all the twists and turns her grief takes, in spite of having strong social and family support. I devoured this book quickly, eager to learn how she found healing balm for her broken heart.  Unfortunately, she also teaches her readers that grief isn't that simple.  As I read it, I often thought about how close I came to being in her situation just 7 years ago when my athletic husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while out on a run.  We were extremely fortunate that someone found him and performed CPR in time.  We dodged that bullet, but in my heart, I know that grief will visit most of us eventually.  In my case, my faith also helps me believe that the spirit lives on and we will one day reconnect with our loved ones.   I kept wishing Amy might embrace that hope as well, but that was a clearly a challenge for her.  In any event, I've recommended this book to friends and particularly to my Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) certification students. Anyone who does healing work, especially EFT can become more compassionate by choosing to read Amy's compelling story.  I look forward to her future works as an author.

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