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Winter Solstice Blessing 2023

Updated: May 30, 2023

Have you heard of HeartMath? It’s a very simple process for bringing your body into balance by focussing on your heart, breath and feelings of love and appreciation. Backed by decades of studies, it is a way to restore health and optimize the moment. I’ll give you a sample of it, then share a special Winter Solstice Blessing to carry you into a peaceful holiday.

Winter Solstice Blessing 2022

Oh creator of all

May we trust that light and life thrives, even in the midst of winter darkness

May we honor the heavenly cycle of rest and renewal

Allow us to gather with grateful hearts

Help every creature to sense they are safe

Lift the chill of winter with cozy moments of belonging

May our holidays be enriched in new and delightful ways

May our celebrations honor all who gather

May our eyes meet and our laughter expand with the spark of connection

We are blessed, You are blessed, I am blessed

Aho … So Be It…Amen

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