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Let's Celebrate Cherie - Newly Certified EFT Practitioner

Training the next generation of exceptional Emotional Freedom Practitioners is my passion and joy. You can join the next class of professionals in training on Zoom Nov. 3-5, 20-23. Learn more about the course and scholarship opportunity here

Join me in celebrating Cherie Stolz, newly certified and accredited practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques who just finished her mentorship with me. Cherie is a dedicated advocate for women's health and wellness, specializing in guiding them on the path to reclaiming their strength and vitality after breast cancer treatment. As a breast cancer thriver herself, Cherie intimately understands the physical and emotional hurdles her clients encounter. Holding certifications as both a health coach and an accredited EFT practitioner, she offers a unique blend of support that addresses the physical, emotional and psychological challenges women may face during and after their treatment journey. Cherie focuses on helping clients conquer stress and anxiety, navigate the fear of recurrence, overcome treatment-related fatigue, and manage weight gain. She offers one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom and in person, and she's excited to launch a group program in 2024. With a background as a Pilates instructor, business owner and two decades of experience coaching women in mind-body wellness, Cherie is dedicated to helping her clients thrive and embrace life beyond breast cancer.

Contact Cherie at or on her website

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