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Betsy's Healing Presentation Handout

Handouts from Betsy Muller ACEP Conference Presentation May 14, 2022 Santa Fe, NM

Download PDF • 139KB

Transformation Through Connection

Evidence and Experiences for Optimizing Virtual & Live Groups

The field of Energy Psychology (EP) has the tools, expanding research and a growing army of healers. EP works especially well to quickly regulate and calm the nervous system both in person and through online delivery. There is emerging science to support the superior healing power of groups and the effectiveness of EP through virtual delivery. Those new to EP but experienced with group work will benefit by gaining the body-sensory components demonstrated as part of the experiential segments. At a time when inclusion and care for diverse audiences is top of mind, we will honor our sacred connections, ancestral traditions, individual freedom, and group energy. Following time tested processes for facilitating change, this presentation will share a safe, client-centered approach using evidence-based processes.

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